88GLAM – 88GLAM Album (Zip Download)

88GLAM – 88GLAM Album (Zip Download)

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Derek Wise & 88 Camino deliver their self-titled debut project as “88GLAM.”

Derek Wise and 88 Camino have worked together on numerous occasions. The two of them, along with Jazz Cartier, were once part of the “Get Home Safe” crew.

Once they disbanded, everyone went their separate routes and re-built. Both Wise and Camino built a strong buzz for themselves as solo artists in Toronto over the past several years. Now, they join forces as 88GLAM to drop off their debut project as a duo.

Both Derek Wise and 88 Camino deliver nothing short of late night, smooth and dark bangers. The project encompasses Toronto’s sound perfectly with the minimal, grim production.

Derek Wise and Camino continue to prove their chemistry with each other. Derek’s deep baritone voice and Camino’s auto-tuned high pitch voiced contrast but meet perfectly over the production.

Their selection of beats is consistent, filled with eerie but rich sounds. In comparison to their work as solo artists, this project showcases their development over the years.

The project consists of thirteen tracks with only one feature from XO’s Nav on “Bali.” They also got a slew of some fire producers as well. MurdaBeatz, WondaGurl, AlexOnWeed and VillaBeatz are some of the names attached to the project.

The duo are the latest out of the XO camp. This past weekend, The Weeknd shared an Instagram video with the project’s tracklist and has also helped get their name to a wider audience.

Over the past year or two, XO’s delivered some brilliant talent aside from The Weeknd. Both Belly and NAV have had a great year so far and were working very closely with The Weeknd and the whole XO camp before their careers took off.

88GLAM is definitely the next up out of the camp. With such a strong debut project, they’re bound to make even bigger waves globally.

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