Darin – Tvillingen Album (Zip Download)

Darin – Tvillingen Album (Zip Download)

Darin E28093 Tvillingen Album Zip Download - Darin – Tvillingen Album (Zip Download)

Darin Comes Through With Tvillingen

Over the last couple of years Swedish artist Darin has been enjoying all that comes with having the most successful album of his career so far, and subsequently the most successful tour of his career – ‘Fjärilar i Magen’.

Now though, comes the follow-up! He’s already scored two huge radio and streaming hits with the new album’s first two singles ‘Ja Må Du Leva’ and ‘Tvillingen’. And over the weekend he released the album, also titled ‘Tvillingen’.

A ten track affair, and if you liked those first two singles then you’ll find a lot to love on here too. Those two tracks were co-produced with Swedish duo Smith & Thell, who have also contributed to three others – ‘Man Över Bord’, ‘Palmerna i Stan’, and ‘Mardröm’, the latter of which they also feature on as artists.

What are our highlights? WELL. The aforementioned ‘Palmerna i Stan’ is one of his most poptastic releases in recent years, and actually put us in mind of his older hit single ‘Mamma Mia’, with Darin resurrecting his Latin pop influences for 2017’s styles and trends.

‘Man Över Bord’ is up there with the singles in terms of quality and radio-friendly potential – and would surely be the best contender for the next single, along with the album’s opening track ‘Rädda Mig’.

And we’re big into the album’s wind down at the end with two closing ballads – ‘Paraply’ and ‘Allt Som Vi Sa’.

Following up ‘Fjärilar i Magen’ with something just as strong would have been an incredibly difficult task for most artists. But Darin has managed it brilliantly.

Turning in some of the best songs of his career, and giving us the perfect accompaniment to play alongside its predecessor. Long may this era of his sound continue.

You can find ‘Tvillingen’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

01 Save Me
02 The Gemini
03 Happy Birthday
04 Nightmare
05 All Eyes On Me
06 This Song
07 Man Overboard
08 Palms In The City
09 Umbrella
10 Everything We Said

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