G-Eazy Ft. Charlie Puth – Sober Mp3 Download

G-Eazy Ft. Charlie Puth – Sober Mp3 Download

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G-Eazy is back with another single, the thought-provoking “Sober.”

On December 15th, G-Eazy aka Young Gerald will be dropping off his new album The Beautiful & Damned, which will find him competing with Eminem’s new album and Cardi B’s new single.

And while the competition is tough, G-Eazy has been building up quite the rollout, with his A$AP Rocky & Cardi B assisted “No Limits” steady climbing the charts.

Last week, he came through with another new single from the upcoming album, the Bonnie & Clyde inspired “Him & I,” and today, Gerald is here for another one.

This time, he’s teaming up with Charlie Puth to reflect on the benefits and pitfalls of inebriated lust on the reflective “Sober.”

The song centers around drunken hookups, reflecting on the fleeting fun and often heavy consequences of drunken trysts. “Man she had the ehhhh face, but a tight ass,” raps Gerald.

“If I had a shot less then I might pass.” He knows he’ll probably regret it when he’s sober, but damned if he’s not about to do it anyway.

Quotable Lyrics

I slipped up with my ex and I smashed again
Stayed over, now she’s about to get attached again
Walls built up around, they come crashing in
Passed out at 6 A.M., but she’s up at 10

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