G-Eazy Ft. Halsey – Him & I Mp3 Download

G-Eazy Feat. Halsey – Him & I Mp3 Download

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G-Eazy and Halsey solidify their relationship on “Him & I.”

With G-Eazy’s album on the way in a few weeks, he’s been dropping off a slew of cuts off the project. While some of them have been collaborative and some solo, he’s shown his musical growth with each release.

Last week, he dropped off “Summer In December,” which was the fourth single he’s released off the album. Today, he gets with his boo, Halsey, for their electrifying collaboration, “Him & I.”

Halsey assists G-Eazy on “Him & I” where the two profess their undying love for each other. G-Eazy handles the verses on the track while Halsey takes care of hook duties.

Eazy expresses how much of a ride-or-die his girl while Halsey reassures her loyalty to him. The production on the track has a bit of both of their worlds together. There’s an electro-pop influence to the track but it still keeps in G-Eazy’s realm.

As the fifth single he’s released, he’s showing the versatile sounds he’ll have on his upcoming project.

Quotable Lyrics
My funeral will be lit if I
Ever go down or get caught, hop they identify
My bitch was the most solid, nothing to solidify
She would never cheat, you’d never see her with a different guy

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