Hustle Gang – We Want Smoke Album (Zip Download)

Hustle Gang – We Want Smoke Album (Zip Download)

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Stream Hustle Gang’s Compilation Album “We Want Smoke”

Well here it is. After a minor setback & hitting us with a slew of singles over the past couple of months like “Game 7,” “Do No Wrong,” & “Friends,” the T.I.-led Hustle Gang crew decides to come through today and finally release their first ever collective album called We Want Smoke.

Laced with 17 tracks in total, the follow up to 2014’s G.D.O.D 2 mixtape will once again give fans the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the less recognizable talent currently bubbling under the Grand Hustle flag.

Of those artists, there is Rara, Translee, Yung Booke, Brandon Rossi, GFMBRYYCE, and female emcee Tokyo Jetz, who really impressed in her appearance in “Friends.” Other guest features include Young Thug, Young Dro, B.o.B., and of course the boss man himself T.I., who’s featured on 13 of the 17 tracks.

“We had to reassemble and restructure ourselves as a unit. You know, we had to make several adjustments within the executive staff as well as the artist roster and now we feel confident in the collection of artists we have right now. We’re incredibly proud to present this new crop of artists,” said T.I. speaking about the timing of the album.

Available on iTunes, fans can now stream the project in its entirety via Apple Music. Hit play and let us know what record or new artist you’re feeling the most?

In other related news, if you’re hoping to get some more solo music from Grand Hustle’s boss man T.I., you’re in luck.

The ATL veteran is readying a new solo album for later this year called Dime Trap, which you can hear previews of what’s to come right here. Stay tuned.

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1. Want Smoke (feat. London Jae, Yung Booke, Dro & T.I.)
2. Friends (feat. T.I., Rara, Brandon Rossi, Tokyo Jetz, Trae tha Truth & Young Dro)
3. Game 7 (feat. T.I., Brandon Rossi & Rara)
4. That Bag (feat. Young Thug, T.I., Young Dro & Trev Case)
5. Trappin On Forgis (feat. T.I., Lex, Trae tha Truth & London Jae)
6. Go Off (feat. B.o.B, T.I., Yung Booke, Tokyo Jetz, Trae tha Truth & Young Dro)
7. So High (feat. Peanut da Don, London Jae, Young Dro & T.I.)
8. Gateway (feat. Translee, Yung Booke, Tokyo Jetz & Ink)
9. My Block (feat. T.I., London Jae, Young Dro, B.o.B & 5ive Mics)
10. Do No Wrong (feat. GFMBRYYCE, Young Dro & T.I.)
11. Still Young (feat. B.o.B, Translee & T.I.)
12. Talk My S**t (feat. Peanut da Don, Trae tha Truth & Young Dro)
13. Who Gone Check Me (feat. GFMBRYYCE, Translee, Yung Booke, Young Dro & T.I.)
14. Sometimes (feat. T.I. & Young Dro)
15. Weight (feat. Translee, Trae tha Truth, Tokyo Jetz, Kim Minnis & Young Dro)
16. Roll the Dice (feat. Rara, GFMBRYYCE, Translee & Brandon Rossi)
17. Trenches Reloaded (feat. Peanut da Don & T.I.)

Download Full Album Zip Here!!!

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