Salomon Faye Ft. J. Cole – Live And Learn

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Salomon Faye Ft. J. Cole Live And Learn 1 - Salomon Faye Ft. J. Cole - Live And Learn

Salomon Faye recruits J. Cole on “Live and Learn”

Earlier in the year, Joey Bada$$ claimed J. Cole was no longer giving out features and he managed to catch the rare J. Cole guest appearance on his All Amerikkkan Bada$$ album.

However, J. Cole just made an exception for Paris-born rapper Salomon Faye. Today, Faye delivers his latest single “Live and Learn” featuring J. Cole.

Faye’s been an artist to keep an eye out for. Moving from Paris to New York, he’s made his waves through America with his Stimulation EP back in 2015 but he’s returning to drop off another project in the near future.

The rapper links up with J. Cole for his latest single “Live and Learn.” The Cole appearance is rare and unfortunately, he doesn’t end up coming through with bars.

However, Cole blesses the hook with a humble note that defies the celebrity status he’s currently at. For Faye, it’s another example of the strength of his pen. He rides the beat softly while delivering introspective verses about life.

Faye’s upcoming project King Salomon is due out in just a few weeks on November 23rd. His Instagram page already gave previews of three different tracks including “Live and Learn.” They all vary in sounds.

While this single contains a more soothing soul sound, the other two show diversity in his range. For anyone unfamiliar with Salomon Faye, get familiar and get ready for him to deliver his upcoming EP, King Salomon.

Quotable Lyrics

That’s why I love you because I know who you are
That’s why I look at you like I seen you before
I recognize you from a hole in the wall
That I punched in the wall, because I’m so pissed off

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