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Wolftyla goes in on “Goin’ Diddy.”

Wolftyla is out there living life right now.

After amassing a veritable legion of followers (one and a half million followers on Instagram and five-hundred-and-fifty-two thousand on Twitter) through her antics on Youtube and Vine,

the young New Yorker has managed to carry her talents over into the music world. After dropping the London On Da Track produced cut “Impressed” a few weeks back,

Wolftyla follows up with “Goin’ Diddy,” which finds her truly stepping into her own, harnessing her charisma and laying it down on wax.

While “Impressed” was a solid track, her flow felt hindered by a few Soundcloud rap tropes; on “Goin’ Diddy,” Wolftyla is no longer inhibited by any limitations, and thus allows her true character some room to shine.

Over an up-tempo instrumental, the young artist channels her inner Brother Love, blending braggadocious with melodic autotuned vocals.

It’s basically an anthem about stunting, but the execution is certainly a step in the right direction.

Wolftyla seems to be on a steady rise, and if she keeps dropping material like this, who knows where she might end up.

Quotable Lyrics

I want more money, I want your money
I get show money, you got no money
Shout to n***as who got Twitter fingers on the timeline
Benihana in Balenciagas eatin’ stir fry

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