Yoshi Thompkins – Pump

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Yoshi Thompkins emerges butterfly-like to administer finishing blow on ruthless and melodic “Pump.”

Yoshi Thompkins has been making a case for the coveted status of Florida’s “best kept secret,” but as of today, the cat has fled the bag.

Thompkins made his ascent official with Black Jesus, and while highlights like the title track and Denzel Curry collaboration have been circulating for a minute, the introductory “Pump” is among the project’s most striking offerings.

Backed by a synthesizer line straight out of Donkey Kong Country’s original score, “Pump’s” instrumental sets a tone distinctly representative of new school Florida.

Lyrically, Thompkins is unapologetic and self-deprecating, bumping his own music with pride. Cut from the same cloth as the homie Denzel, Thompkins shows occasional glimmers of the quote-unquote Ultimate flow, thus solidifying his allegiance to the cause.

If you haven’t yet caught onto the ULT movement, why not acquaint yourself with one of their most promising young soldiers?

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